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At the heart of the Anna Lotan Plumping Lip Balm is MAXI-LIP, a special cosmetic ingredient developed by Sederma SAS - a member of Croda International plc - which provides corrective and restructuring care for the lips and acts by redensifying the connective tissue. It has been developed from a natural tripeptide, Gly-His-Lys, stabilized and rendered bio-available by being coupled to a palmitoyl group.

This natural peptide has demonstrated its efficacy in restructuring the connective tissue by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and of the glycosaminoglycans.

A clinical trial of a colourless lip stick containing 1% MAXI-LIP was carried out on a group of women, between 22 and 40 years of age, with thin, small-volume lips, who normally used lip salves and who presented with problem dry lips: type-1 cheilitis (dryness) and type-2 cheilitis (onset of desquamation).

After daily application for thirty days, the following results were obtained:

  • Clinical improvement of the lips, scored by a dermatologist:
    • Hydration: +50% to +60%
    • Reduction of furrows: +10% to +30%

  • Enhancement of the volume of the lips measured by 3D morphometry:
    • By a mean of 40% (p<0.05)

  • Self Evaluation:
    • All (100%) of the volunteers reported that the state of their lips had improved.
    • 70% of the volunteers reported an improvement in lip comfort and protection, and reduction in the roughness to the touch of the lips.
    • 60% thought that the desquamation showed a considerable (40%) or moderate (20%) improvement.
    • 70% were satisfied with the comfort of the skin.
    • 70% experienced a real feeling of protection.
    • 70% noticed that the lips were less rough to the touch.

After 30 days of use, the lips were moisturized and the desquamation reduced. The volume increased and the outline of the lips was clearer.

Improvement in Lip Volume:

Day 1

Day 30

Improvement in Lip Hydration:

Day 1

Day 30

Reproduced by permission of Sederma, SAS


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MAXI-LIP is manufactured by Sederma SAS, a member of Croda International plc