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Anna Lotan Barbados - Care for Oily, Seborrheaic Skin & T-zone Redness
The essential eye contour area, having a very thin horny layer and sparse in sebaceous glands is especially gentle and delicate. Severely affected by constant facial movements and expressions, this area requires special tender care! Anna Lotan developed a variety of innovative products for the eye area to prevent premature wrinkles by enriching the skin with emollient oils, vitamins and premium moisturizers that promote its suppleness and support the skin’s barrier function. Non occlusive formulations were designated to reduce puffiness and give an effect of tightening and lifting, they do this by incorporating peptides, amino acids and herbal astringents. A special "under makeup cream" was formulated to "fill in" wrinkles and is excellent for makeup users. All the eye care products help minimize the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles giving you more youthful and radiant look. Other Anna Lotan creams from various lines also provide excellent eye care for dry and mature eye contour areas: Renova Balm, Golden Night Cream, Solid Gold and products from the greens line.
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Eye So Clear Makeup Remover

Eye So Clear Makeup Remover

code: 098  40 ml.

A tender ointment for removing eye makeup gently, easily and effectively. The Jojoba wax dissolves at bodily temperature, when touched by the fingertips and becomes fluid, which makes the process of removing makeup safe and easy. It is especially tender and moisturizing to the delicate skin of the eyelids and surrounding area. Eye So Clear is free from chemical detergents, and emulsifiers.

Eye Contour Gel

Eye Contour Gel

code:  048  30 ml.

  99% Natural  

A quickly absorbed, delicate moisturizing cream-gel, suitable for all skin types, designed to enrich the tender eye contour are with effective moisture binding components(the salt of Hyaluronic acid; Dead Sea mineral water and Gluconolactone) which also serve in this formulation as a natural preservative.

Herbal Astringents, Witch Hazel and Cucumber extract, exert a light lifting effect. Sustainable vegetable oils, including essential fatty acids act as delicate emollients to support the skin's barrier function in this area to eliminate the development of fine lines. The natural oils are protected against free radicals with the oil soluble vitamins E & A.

Soothing Chamomile flower extract and Allantoin have been added to increase the sensation of comfort for all skin types.

Under Makeup Eye & Neck Cream

Under Makeup Eye & Neck Cream

code: 071  40 ml.

A special cream used as a “primer” to "fill in" wrinkles around the eye area, especially when used under makeup, which tends to accentuate them. Its fine powder components creates a silky, matt appearance and genuinely improves the setting of makeup over it, eliminating the need for fixing powder on top.

Delicate Replenisher for Eye Contour

Delicate Replenisher Eye Contour Balm

code: 145  30 ml.

A special delicate cream that moisturizes soothes and nourishes the eye area. Gentle plant oils and tree waxes enrich and soften the skin around the eyes. The cream is rich in moisturizing agents and is excellent for all skin types. Retinol and Vitamin E are added to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and protect against the effects of free radicals.

Lifting Eye Contour Fluid Gel

Lifting Eye Contour Fluid

code: 211  20 ml.

A gentle fluid gel with a rich moisturizing complex that mimics the skin's own NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). Contains a special “lifting” molecule that combines an oily derivative of Palm oil with the moisturizing aminoacid: Proline. In addition, it contains soothing Mallow extract that calms and softens the skin. The fluid creates a light firming effect on the skin, and reduces morning puffiness around the delicate eye area.

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